Our blogger Živilė: “The story behind my gun tattoo”

Živilė Šukytė (thewonderfuldisaster.com )

Soon it will be two years that tiny gun marks my wrist. It may seem to be agressive to some, some may think it’s not girly enough, some say it’s unusual idea, I say, it represents a fight. And I mean fight in a peaceful way.

The idea of a gun appeared after listening to one of My Chemical Romance songs, because cover of the video was a gun (click here to listen). That song stuck with me, I kept singing it in my head for extended period of time. It has unbelievibly beautiful and meaningful lyrics that reminds me of people I knew long time ago and makes me wonder how are they doing now, whether they are leading the life they were dreaming about or not. It reminds me that each and one of us have our own path and not always our loved ones will be willing to take the same path. And it’s ok, because we all have our own fight that we have to win or learn from (not to lose!).

Once me and my friend were painting walls in the office. He asked me to prepare some materials and gave it to me to mix it up. It took me a blink of an eye to throw away the stick and start mixing it with bare hands. He asked me “What are you doing!?” and I said “I got a chance to play with it, I will use it. It’s like playing in a sandbox in the childhood.” He silently nodded, smiled a little and walked away. As I was washing my hands I saw that little mark on my hand. As always, I smiled a little and reminded myself that all I have to seek for are those little moments of pure happiness, other things just come with it themselves. All one seeks is just a spark inside that makes one to move forward, that puts up a smile in the morning up until one goes to sleep. That spark may not always shine so bright, but it’s always there. Light it up once in a while.

For all those that I know, knew or haven’t even ever laid my eyes on – I wish you to fight. Be strong, be better, remove obstacles in your way and move forward. Never look back. Future is what you have to look up to, take a path that leads you to happiness.

Definition of hapiness may vary to some, but I say hapiness is the feeling or moment you wouldn’t trade to anything in the world. And the best part – we all can be happy. It doesn’t require money or special education. A soft blanket, beautiful sunset and a loved one aside, isn’t it called happiness?

As you turn off this post, promise yourself that you will conquer the life no matter what. You and you alone can make everything you’ve ever dreamed of come true.

The world is yours, take over it. Why not?

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